AYSO Region 20 Fall 2014 Regular Season Game Schedule - U14G

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Team Coach Team Coach
01-Fuchs -- Toxic Hippos Mark Fuchs 02-Goren -- Rapid Riptides Yoav Goren
03-Wilson -- Orange Crush Nathaniel Wilson 04-Johnstone -- Black Ninjas Douglas Johnstone
BH-Lavender BH-Lemon
BH-Lime BH-Turquoise
BH-Watermelon HOL-Royal Blue
Pali-Blue Pali-Red
SLA-Tangerine SLA-Yellow
WLA-Blue WLA-Green
WLA-Purple WLA-White

The home team is listed first.

Games that count for points are in red

JAMS #1 North: John Adams Middle School - Field #1 (North)  
  1:30 PM 3:05 PM
9/7/2013 02-Goren (Rapid Riptides)
01-Fuchs (Toxic Hippos)
0 - 0
JAMS #1 North  
04-Johnstone (Black Ninjas)
03-Wilson (Orange Crush)
2 - 2
JAMS #1 North
Both teams responsible for field take down and clean up
  8:45 AM 10:20 AM
9/21/2013 01-Fuchs (Toxic Hippos)
04-Johnstone (Black Ninjas)
0 - 1
JAMS #1 North
Both teams responsible for field set-up  
03-Wilson (Orange Crush)
02-Goren (Rapid Riptides)
1 - 6
JAMS #1 North